Grace Debrief 9/10/17

Can you hear the music of death? When the hero is down for the count. When the damsel in distress is breathing her last. When Lassie is attacked by a cougar and Little Timmy cries. 

BUT WAIT! Our of the corner of our hearing, there's a single, quiet, subtle melody-line of life. The hero's finger twitches. The damsel's lungs grab for breath. Lassie barks. It's not over!

Death has been everywhere so far in Romans. We've talked a lot of death.  

  • Dead to Self-Righteousness - Chapter 5
  • Dead to Sin - Chapter 6
  • Dead to the Law - Chapter 7

So where does that leave us? DEAD.

But that's not the last of it. The melody of life begins to play, and in Romans 8, something's stirring.

Want a mid-week mini-revival? Read Romans 8. I'll wait.

See what I mean? WOW! 

Life is what faith in Christ is all about! We were never made to live like dead people! We are not zombies! We are a new creation in Christ Jesus - alive and well and living it up!

Here's what Paul says this new life looks like:

  • It's life "according to the Spirit." That means we can tune in to the Spirit of God, instead of tuning in to our flesh - our own natures.  
  • It's life as children of God. Dad's don't want their kids to live "less-than" lives; they want their children to thrive. God wants that for you and me.
  • It’s dealing with reality with hope for the future. Paul never, ever suggests that life will be all peachy-keen in Christ. But he says that suffering can make sense.
  • It’s real help for the present. Because of the Holy Spirit, we never need to feel like we don't have what it takes. HE supplies everything we need.
  • It means being secure No Matter What. Paul's bottom line: God's love is unquenchable, unchangeable, unlimited, undying, and undeniable. We are his loves. Nothing more is needed.

We sometimes ask the question: "If today was your last day, how would you live it?" That's a death question. The question we should be asking ourselves is this: "If today is the first day of your life, how would you live it?" That's a life question. That's the one we should be asking.

Beth Wise