Grace Debrief 8/13/17

My dad worked as a Funeral Home Assistant Director for a season after retiring as a pastor. One of his duties was to transport "clients." There were times when his clients were, well, uncooperative.

Like the time when a gurney's legs refused to adjust, and the client slid down onto the porch of his loved ones who were looking on in horror.

The thing is - dead bodies sometimes mess things up, but they are limited.


In Romans 6, Paul continues his symphony of grace, furthering his explanation of how God resolves our sin problem. In chapter 5, Paul described how God justifies those who trust in Christ Jesus. Here, he answers the next obvious question: If God justifies us, then can't we just sin with abandon?

Of course, the answer is "No way, Jose!" (That's a direct translation from the original Greek). The reason that sin does not continue is that it is - well - DEAD.

Read Romans 6. We are dead to sin. Sin is dead to us. We are alive in Christ. Christ is alive in us.

Sin has no control over us, because dead things cannot make us their slaves. Dead things can sometimes mess things up, but it's limited. Because when we're in Christ, we're dead to sin but alive to God.

That means that today, you don't have to sin. Don't believe the lie that says, "I'm a Christian, but I'm still a human, and I can't help but sin." Paul says that's just not true. It IS true that Christians sin - John says that if we say we don't sin, we're lying. But Paul says it clear: you don't have to sin, because sin is dead.

You're not a slave to sin. You're a slave to right-ness.


Pastor Ron