Men's Breakfast -

Gather with other guys for a hearty meal, hearty laughter, hearty discussion, and hearty fellowship!  - ALL MEN WELCOME .

Saturday, january 20th - 8:00 to 9:30 am

Zef's Coney Island
201 3rd St, Bay City 48708


New Bible Study - The Book of Philippians


Beginning January 31st - Wednesday nights at Grace

This is a 5 week study led by Lynn & Diane Osborn, please call them to RSVP: 989-327-8022 or 517-285-2716.



Grace Nursery

We are actively looking for a Nursery Coordinator. Three hours each week with serving our kiddos in the Grace Nursery. If you know someone who is great with the tiny ones and would like to make a few extra $$ each week, please let them know we're looking and have them call or drop me an email, 989-493-4177 or pastor_ron@charter.net.





Would you be willing to pray for people?

Would you be able to give your prayer attention to the needs of friends and families of Grace?

Join our Grace Prayer Page on Facebook & be a part of this dynamic team of praying people.

It's a place to actively love and participate in people's lives. When you comment on someone's post, even if it's just "Praying," it means something. And the power of communicating these highs and lows, the joys and blows, to our Almighty God is the best possible thing we can do. Here's a place to share your burden. Here's a place to lift a burden. Here's a place of Grace.

contact pastor ron if interested.



Did the message speak to you?

Are you carrying a burden you don't want to handle alone?

Are you struggling with a health problem? Would you like prayer for someone close to you?

Our Prayer Team is available after the service to pray with you.

They'll be waiting on the left side of the front of the auditorium - prayer available for all.

Ways to Give:

You won't see an offering plate passed around during services. There is no pressure to have you pull out your wallet.

If you do desire to tithe or give a donation, you will find a drop box available in the church or you can give online by clicking the box below:

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Needing prayer for you or someone else? You can share your request with Pastor Ron by filling out this form.

All Prayer Requests are confidential for Pastor Ron's eyes only, unless otherwise specified by you.

Name *
All Prayer Requests are confidential for Pastor Ron's eyes only, unless otherwise specified by you.